Now that I finally have a base ready for the allotment shed, the time has come for me to go shopping! Ever since I took on a plot that was big enough for me to have both a greenhouse and a shed, I've been evaluating

The recent weather and crop massacres have made me give serious consideration to how I could alleviate both issues. When there is so much to be done, but it's simply too wet to do anything, you can't help but feel the season is slipping away

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No crops are safe from the local wildlife this year!

How, and why, we used brick pavers to create our greenhouse base. An attractive option that doesn't cost much more than using utility paving slabs.

It's been too long since my last post - but I've still been busy!

A very brief update for now, but much more to come!

Seed sowing, more beds - and another Polytunnel