New plot is GO!

In my last post I mentioned that change could be on the horizon, and whilst it took a little longer to confirm than I’d hoped, in the last few days I’ve been given the go ahead to take on a bigger plot on site.  This new plot comes in at 330sqm, compared to the 130sqm I originally had – both at this site and my previous site. It also exceeds the ‘traditional’ allotment size of 250sqm. Plots of that size seem to be a rarity now. 110 – 130sqm seems to be the ‘norm’ across most I’ve visited. Indeed 65sqm is becoming increasingly common now too.

Whilst I may harbour dreams of a few acres, I also appreciate the need to be realistic. After all, I am a millennial and not a retiree with bags of time to spare!  This new plot gives me enough space to work with, without compromise. Without risk of it becoming a burden if other priorities come up occasionally.   I was asked if I’d like to keep the other plot here too, but I’ve decided against that for now.

I’d sooner allow someone else to take advantage of what is now a weed-free and ‘ready to plant’ plot. I’m seeing quite often new plot holders are giving up very quickly when they realise just how much hard work is involved in clearing.  In the short term, any spare time I do have once the new plot is done, I’d like to use to help with general site maintenance such as path clearing, communal weeding etc.

I struggled to get a photo that really captured the size, but the new plot is roughly the size of two and a half ‘regular’ plots on this site. It’s by far the largest.  In terms of width, its the same as the other plots are in length. Running right through the centre is a 50cm drainage ditch, which leads to a newly-created pond on the site.  Realistically, this ditch would have thrown up some logistical issues if it had been split into individual plots. As a single plot I’m taking the ‘glass half full’ view and plan to make a feature out of it.

Use of Space

The space allows me to have both a shed, greenhouse and the existing polytunnel I have. Whilst still allowing me plenty of ‘ground’ space.  As you can probably tell, I’m really quite excited about it(!).  I do have a rough idea of layout and features in mind. This time I’m going to wait until I’ve actually marked everything out in string before I commit.

As we’re heading towards Autumn now, time is of the essence to get the ground prepared.  Fortunately it was quite recently turned over and the soil is extremely workable right now. But it’s also woken up a lot of weeds, as my daughter can testify;

While many of these pull out quite easily, there are a fair number of deep-rooted perennials in there too – especially towards the back, which meets with a somewhat neglected plot.  I’ve encountered a few bits of rubble, but nothing to the extent of my other plot.  I’m hoping to have the weeds out and ground clear by the end of the month so I have time to mark things out and get, at the very least, a shed in place before the cold weather really hits. I’ll be spending a lot of chilly days here to get this ready for spring!

Lee Bailey

Organic Allotmenteer, RHS Student, Husband, Father & Programmer

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    Posted at 20:12h, 06 September Reply

    I still vote you keep the old one for chickens 😀

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