Plot Update – Brief March Review

To say I’ve been busy would be an understatement! Between an increased workload on the ‘day job’, a hive of activity on the plot, and lots of things happening ‘behind the scenes’ for this site, I’ve barely had a moment to breathe!

I’m all too aware that posts on here have been sparse, but that should change very soon – stay tuned!

On the plot, the second tunnel has been erected – in a different, but better, position than I originally planned. More on that in my next post in a few days. I’ve also purchased some staging for that, rather than building my own as I did for the first one. I’m kind of indifferent about it though – it’s ok now its there, and it ‘works’, but it wasn’t the easiest to assemble. I’ll post more on that soon too.

Elsewhere on the plot…

MOT, Sand and Concrete for the Shed and Greenhouse bases arrived. The MOT has been put down, though in the end we only had enough materials for the greenhouse base – despite ordering twice as much in the first place! The sand has been piled on too, but not yet spread or tamped down. We plan to finish the greenhouse base, including placing the brick pavers, this coming Friday.

In an effort to speed things up, and make my life easier, I also purchased a rotary soil sieve. I’m using this to create a seed sowing mix, which I’ve previously created using a manual sieve successfully.  The rotary sieve however significantly speeds this process up – I was able to create around 80 litres in under 20 minutes.

Seed sowing has also started in earnest, along with the planting of the first early potatoes.

Much of what has been done deserve posts of their own, which is what I’ll do in the coming week.  In the meantime, for daily snapshots of what I’m up to on the plot, check out my Instagram.

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