Win a Pair of Professional Gardening Gloves

Win a Pair of Professional Gardening Gloves & Seed Bundle

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The seemingly endless downpours we’ve had over the last week have left many gardens and allotments under water. Sheds are being flooded, crops ruined and plans dashed. My Instagram feed is full of people, quite rightly, despairing at the harvesting prospects for this year.

So, to brighten up what is otherwise a slightly gloomy period in our growing year, I’ve got a giveaway for you!

Earlier this year I purchased some Briers Professional Gardening Gloves. I usually like to do a lot of the usual tasks with bare hands – planting, sowing etc. Feeling the soil between your fingers is an oddly nice sensation. But, there are times when gloves are essential – or preferable. In the past, I’ve made do with the cheap ’99p’ pairs you find on the high street. However, they rarely wash well or last for any length of time. In many ways, it’s a false economy.

I grew tired of replacing them every other week. Last winter I invested in some Briers Thermal Gardening Gloves, to see me through the cold weather. I was so impressed, not only with how effective they were at keeping my hands warm in freezing weather, but also at how well they washed. They’ve been washed dozens of times now, and they still look as good as the day I bought them.

So, when I spotted the ‘Professional’ gloves from Briers, I was confident they would equally serve me well. I’ve been using these for a few months now, and just like the thermal ones, they have stood up well. They’ve also been washed a few times, and equally, survive the process unscathed – despite the instructions stating they’re not washable.

The dexterity of these is good, and they’re comfortable to wear. A good pair of gloves, I find, is one you forget you’re wearing.

I purchased another pair for use at home, and an extra pair to give away here. I’ll also bundle in ten packets of seeds along with the gloves. To be in with a chance of winning, complete the Gleam form below and tell us how your garden or allotment is coping with the wet weather.

Briers Professional Gardening Gloves & Seed Bundle

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