Mud and Bloom Subscription Box Review

The Verdict

We’ve been very impressed with the Mud and Bloom box. At £7.95 it compares favourably against any of the childrens magazines that can be found in newsagents. It is however far more educational and engaging (for children and parents alike!). The quality and presentation is superb, and there’s plenty of activity variation.

I’d suggest the ‘sweet spot’ is probably children under 5, or over 8. Under 5’s generally need more stimulation and have more ‘time’, whilst over 8’s are more likely to have the energy and ability to take their own initiative with the activities. At 6, I found Sydney to be willing to learn the nature facts, do the quiz and go ‘fungi spotting’ on the school run. However, she simply hasn’t had the time or energy to do the crafty activities. Nothing was going to stop her from planting the crocus bulbs though! As a half-term activity, it would however be perfect for her.

Every child is different though, and I know most children her age don’t get half as much homework.  Some children prefer crafts over reading or planting, and so on.  Overall, there’s something for all types of child in these. At £7.95, I wouldn’t feel short-changed if they didn’t want to do every activity provided.

That said, I will still subscribe on the basis of what she did get out of it. If nothing else, fungi spotting meant we weren’t discussing her christmas list to and from school every day!

Some of the Mud and Bloom Past Boxes – Photo by Mud and Bloom

The seasonal aspect of these boxes ensures year round interest. I imagine a regular subscriber would become accustomed to the changing seasons much more than most.  Looking at the past boxes, Spring and Summer in particular is something I think she would get a lot from.  At first glance, those boxes have been more suited to her desires.

While this box was gifted for review, it is something we’ll subscribe to. I’ve actually learnt from it too!  If you’d like to do the same, you can save 15% on your first box by visiting Mud and Bloom and using the discount code ‘FORKMOJO’, which is valid until the 27th December.  There’s no minimum term, and you can skip a box or cancel at any time.

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